This unit is designed to build knowledge, develop understanding and explore Australian Indigenous culture.
To learn about 'The Dreamtime', how the Australian Aboriginals believed the world was created. It highlights Aboriginals' spiritual beliefs and offers opportunities for complex discussion and reflection about students’ own beliefs.
Dreamtime stories were traditionally told stories or were shared through artworks based on symbols. This unit will explore a wide variety of modes of presentation from oral, read, digital and visual.

Learning Intentions- 'I will learn'
Through this unit of work I will explore and investigate a variety of resources about the 'The Aboriginal Dreamtime'.
I will use the pathfinder to view, read, search and gather information to help with my research.
I will identify what 'The Dreamtime' means to the Australian Aboriginal people, and how Australian Aboriginals used and still use the Dreamtime stories to share their beliefs and culture.
I will gather information about the ways in which Dreamtime stories were shared amongst the different tribes/ clans of the Australian Aboriginal people.
I will select my favourite Dreamtime story, a story that connects with me. I will share your information with other students.

Success Criteria- 'I learnt'
I learnt to navigate through the pathfinder finding important information to help me with my research.
I read and listened to a variety of 'Dreamtime' stories and gained an understanding about what the Dreamtime means to the Australian Aboriginal people.
I discovered that the Dreamtime represents the Australian Aboriginal peoples' beliefs about how the world was created and that the Dreamtime is an important part of Aboriginal culture.
I inquired, searched and explored interesting ideas and made connections to the information. I used focus on reading strategies like predicting, connecting, questioning to evaluate the information that I investigated and read.
I selected a Dreamtime story to share with my classmates. I gathered information about this story to help others understand it's meaning and share my connection to the story. I identified the different ways Australian Aboriginals shared the Dreamtime with each other.

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Focus on Reading Strategies.
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Cross Curricular Capabilities.

ICT capabilities
  • Develop ICT capabilities as you learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas.
  • Develop literacy skills and knowledge to interpret and use language confidently for learning and communicating. You will be reading to seek information.
  • Develop capability in critical and creative thinking thinking. You will evaluate knowledge, clarify concepts and ideas and seek possibilities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and Histories.
  • Develop an understanding and seek information about the holistic belief systems of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Peoples. You will learn that they are spiritually and intellectually connected to the land, sea, sky and waterways.
  • English; students begin to engage with priority as they develop an awareness and a respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature.

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